Texas Historic Home Sellers

Marketing and selling a Texas historic home is often more of an art than a science. They are not for every buyer. But they’re perfect if you market your property the right way to the right people. Not everyone has the same level of expertise with historic properties. Believe it or not, many agents and brokerages still regard historic real estate as a hard sell proposition simply because it doesn’t have the newest construction and smart technology.

On the other hand, historic houses have a unique story to tell. They have more legacy and quirkiness. There’s the occasional famous past owners or house guests and hidden rooms. Homebuyers love to hear the great stories of historic homes. And Betty Saenz knows how to research those stories and share them with potential buyers.

Selling a historic home takes research and planning on the part of the home buyer and their real estate agent. Betty Saenz is a Texas Realtor® who specializes in historic homes. She is a certified Texas Historic Home Specialist through Preservation Dallas. She has the knowledge and research tools necessary to successfully market houses in older and historic neighborhoods.

As a Texas Historic Home Specialist, Betty Saenz can help you by:

  • Creating marketing materials, a webpage, and real estate listing.
  • Explaining to buyers the architectural features and benefits of historic home construction.
  • Researching the history of the home and sharing its unique story.
  • Staging your home for professional photography, open houses, and historic home tours.
  • Contacting existing list of interested historic homebuyers and investors.
  • Networking with historic home societies and clubs throughout Central Texas.