Texas Historic Home Buyers

Texas historic home buyers are often first attracted by the unique architectural beauty and craftsmanship of many historic homes that have withstood the test of time. Some buyers are also interested in owning a real piece of history and preserving it for future generations while living in the home themselves. You’ll become part of the home’s history too. Historic homeowners are often fondly remembered for their contribution to the home’s preservation.

Buying a historic home takes research and planning on the part of the home buyer and their real estate agent. Betty Saenz is a Texas Realtor® who specializes in historic homes. She is a certified Texas Historic Home Specialist through Preservation Dallas. She has the knowledge and research tools necessary to successfully market houses in older and historic neighborhoods.

As a Texas Historic Home Specialist, Betty Saenz can help you:

  • Find the right historical home for you.
  • Have a formal home inspection conducted by a qualified home inspector who specializes in older homes.
  • Get price estimates from contractors regarding all necessary repair or preservation work.
  • Make sure the house meets safety and health standards, including passing asbestos and lead paint tests.
  • Identify any serious obstacles to purchasing or restoring a historic home.
  • Guide you through the Standards for Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings imposed by local/state laws on owners of historic structures. You may have remodeling/expansion plans that you will not be able to fulfill.
  • Apply for financing or home renovation loans with a mortgage broker who understands historic properties.

Betty Saenz is ready to help Texas historic home buyers find the best historic home for their lifestyle and budget. Contact Betty today for more information.